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Giacomo Balla

(Turin, 1871 – Rome, 1958)

He was one of the most important Italian artists. He studied at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. In 1895 he moved to Rome where he approached the divisionist artists and their style. In 1903 he took part for the first time at “La Biennale” in Venice. In 1910 he signed the “Manifesto of Futurist Painters” and the “Technical Manifesto of Futurist Painting” with Boccioni, Severini, Russolo, and Carrà. In those years Giacomo Balla directs his research towards the pictorial rendering of dynamism, a very important element in his artistic research. The movement’s analysis pushed him to focus on the motion of cars, trying to describe the speed of a moving vehicle through triangles of light and shadows. During the years of the First World War, he pursued the idea of futurist art and action and in 1915 with Depero he signed the manifesto “Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe”. After the death of Umberto Boccioni the center of the Futurist movement moved to Rome, where Balla took the lead. In October 1918 he published the “Color Manifesto” in which he analyzed the role of color in avant-garde painting. In 1929 he signed the “Manifesto of Aeropainting”, a pictorial variation of Futurism, in which he expressed great enthusiasm for flight, dynamism, and speed of airplanes. In addition to the Futurist works it is possible to recall the famous series that the artist created about Villa Borghese. During the early thirties, Giacomo Balla abandoned Futurism to return to figurative painting. He died in Rome in March 1958.


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