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Francesca Duscià


Roman with Neapolitan and Genoese roots, Francesca Duscià has studied the history of modern art, as well as philosophy and history of religions, focusing on Catholicism and Judaism, whose symbols frequently appear in her works. She loves the Renaissance and Paolo Veronese, approaching at the same time topics such as science, physics, and astrophysics looking for emotional responses and beautiful minds with which she can confront using an anthropological approach. Her works emerge from the previously mentioned mix of studies and from a reflection on the concept of beauty. During her career, Francesca Duscià has exhibited in many collective and several solo shows, among the most recent: “Fondamenta” at Palazzo Bellomo, in Siracusa and “Genesi” at the MACRO Museum, in Rome. On the occasion of the Fiftieth (50th) anniversary of the death of Enrico Fermi, she organized the conference “The figurative art meets the M-Theory” at the Teatro Valle in Rome.


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