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Giosetta Fioroni

(Rome, 1932)

In 1970, she took part in the exhibition Vitalità del Negativo, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. She spent the seventies in Veneto, with his companion, the writer Goffredo Parise. In Veneto, she composed a series of cycles (showcases, chine, watercolors) inspired by Vladimir Propp’s studies on the fairy tale. In 1975, she presented the Atlas of Legal Medicine in Rome and Bologna. In the nineties, at the Gatti workshop in Faenza, she launched a production of ceramics: the Teatrini, Case, Steli, Scatole magiche, Formelle, Vestiti. In 2002 and again in 2012, with the photographer Marco Delogu, she gives life to two projects that investigate the themes of identity and senility: Senex and L’Altra Ego. She has always collaborated with numerous writers and poets, such as Arbasino, Parise, Zanzotto, Marcoaldi, Ceronetti, Trevi, Magrelli, La Capria and many others, for the editing of artist books and graphic works. There are numerous anthologies dedicated to her work, among the most important we recall those at Palazzo Diamanti in Ferrara, Casa del Mantegna in Mantua, Loggetta Lombardesca in Ravenna, Mercati di Traiano in Rome, MIC Museum in Faenza, Drawing Center in New York, GNAM of Rome, MARCA of Catanzaro, MMOMA of Moscow, Museo del Novecento of Milan.


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