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Mario Schifano

(Khoms, 1934 – Rome, 1998)

He was an Italian painter and filmmaker. His first solo exhibition, at the Galleria Appia Nuova in Rome, in 1959, marks a debut still linked to the informal and yet already evidence of Schifano’s great originality as he experimented with concrete around a monochromatic idea. Precisely dedicated to Monochrome is the series of works, celebrated, with which he made his debut in the exhibition “Five Italian Painters,” held in 1960 at Galleria La Tartaruga. Canvases with wrapping paper applied and then painted, the Monochromes, initially dedicated to a single color, are then invaded by the letters and insignia of the city. Mario Schifano will then continue to work on series that he takes up over the years as “Tutte stelle” (All stars), “Albero della Vita” (Tree of Life) “Schermi” (Screens) “Palme” (Palms), “Futurismo rivisitato” (Revisited Futurism), these last works were dedicated to the group of artists he admired so much. He used not only painting but also photography, cinema, television, and the Internet in a continuous experimentation of new possibilities that lead him to his very personal style. His interpretation of Pop Art was unique. He was appreciated by many: Maurizio Calvesi, a very important art historian of our times, called him “one of the greatest of the Italian school of the second half of the century.”


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