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Anna Paparatti

(Reggio Calabria, 1936)

Anna Paparatti was born in Reggio Calabria in 1936. She moved to Rome in the early 1960s and enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts where she took courses from the artist Toti Scialoja. She later moved to Paris to continue her painting studies. Her early works are influenced by the Surrealist and Dada movements and revolve around the theme of the play, seen in all its facets: the imaginary game, the game of numbers, the game of colors. In Rome she began to be part of the incredible international artistic context of which the city was the protagonist, she met artists such as Schifano, Pascali, Festa but also Kounellis, Twombly, and Sol Lewitt. She became the partner of Fabio Sargentini with whom she shared the entire experience of “L’Attico Gallery”, creating, in addition, invitations, posters, and playbills with her unique handwriting. She acts, lives, and travels with the Living Theatre for four months in their first glorious Italian sojourn, travels to India 11 times where she absorbs new stimuli and landscapes, where it started to grow a deep spiritual research related to Hindu and Buddhist esoteric traditions. In 1990 she exhibited “My India” in Pio Monti’s gallery. In 1994 she exhibited “I Love Buddha “in New York in Annina Nosei’s gallery.
In 2008 she exhibited her series dedicated to Tantra, called “Tantra forever” at the Bibliothè in Rome. In 2015 she published the book “La Pitturessa” in which she recalls his meetings and relationships with artists, friends, and curators. She currently lives and works in Rome.


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