Per terra i tappeti e le opere

In collaborazione con l’Archivio Mario Schifano, Roma

Data: 26 Ottobre 2022 dalle 18.00 alle 21.00
Luogo: EDDart | Palazzo Taverna, Via di Monte Giordano 36, 00186 | Roma
Ingresso: dal 27 Ottobre al 5 Dicembre 2022
Orario: Martedì – Sabato 14.30-18.30 oppure su appuntamento

EDDart is proud to present, from October 27th to December 5th, an unprecedented exhibition of Mario Schifano, featuring his unique series of carpets and the paintings created for their realization.

In a moment of newfound happiness in the early 1980s, some friends proposed to Mario Schifano to produce carpets based on his most iconic works. These friends were Maurizio Romano, an entrepreneur in the field of textiles, his wife Franca Mayer, specialized in embroidery production, and Gianni Michelagnoli, a friend and deep connoisseur of the artist’s work.

Initially, the idea of putting his own paintings “On the floor” justify Schifano perplexed, but enthusiasm eventually took over, and the only problem was the long wait, as Franca Mayer herself recounts in the catalog interview. Thus, the production of five carpets based on Schifano’s series was born: “Albero per Terra” (Tree on the Floor), “Notte Per Terra” (Night on the Floor), “Cielo per terra” (Sky on the Floor), “Gigli d’acqua per terra” (Water Lilies on the Floor), and “Orto botanico per terra” (Botanical Garden on the Floor).

The carpets are precious for their extraordinary aesthetic success, and they also shed light on a particularly creative decade for Schifano. As Massimo d’Alessandro, architect, collector, and great friend of the artist, writes in the catalog: “The 1980s perhaps mark one of the most important periods in Schifano’s life, who, in 1984, would have turned 50: a great love with a woman, Monica, who would give him a son, Marco, in 1985.

Schifano is doing well, the adventure of fatherhood completely takes over him. At times, he swiftly scribbles with infinite mastery the thousands of his photographs of the world he observes through stacks of stacked televisions in his homes (see Venice Biennale 1993). He creates paintings around fragments of toys that he daily gives to his son. He finds new great energies within himself, starts working frequently on large-scale themes, creating beautiful paintings that perhaps the critics have only partially digested.”

The catalog includes unpublished photographic documentation, a text by Massimo d’Alessandro, and an interview with Franca Mayer.

The exhibition is realized in collaboration with the Mario Schifano Archive, Rome.


Titolo: Mario Schifano, Per Terra, I Tappeti e le Opere
Luogo: EDD art Rome| Palazzo Taverna | Via di Monte Giordano 36, 00186 Roma Opening: Mercoledì 26 Ottobre 18- 21, Solo su invito
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