Marco Schifano, Name It!

Marco Schifano

Date: Thursday 23 September, from 6 to 9 pm
Venue: EDDart | Palazzo Taverna, Via di Monte Giordano 36, 00186 | Roma
Opening: from 23 September to 16 October 2021
Hours: from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 18 by appointment

Eddart – From Thursday, September 23 until Saturday, October 16, 2021, EDDart presents in its gallery venue at Palazzo Taverna, Rome, the “Marco Schifano, Name It!” exhibition. The protagonist of the exhibition, is the artist’s most recent photographic research, based on the creation of a ‘utopian alphabet composed of flowers and animals. The project stems from the artist’s desire to give to his daughter a photograph of colored flowers; the idea is to make a child understand, with time, that the perfect aesthetics of the form of the flowers will one day give birth to her very own name. This is the process through which the unreal compositions of Schifano enter daily lives for the first time becoming sounds as well as forms. The aesthetic and illusory search for a new reality is the foundation of his work and the 21 photographs on display, just as the 21 letters of the Italian alphabet, have been created by combining varieties of colored flowers to enhance their aesthetic and visual impact.

Marco Schifano ( b.1985) lives and works in Rome. Since childhood, his toys were cameras and photographic equipments and growing with them, he experiments his communicative skill. He practices “ camera editing” so that his research on sense and rhythm are blended in his movies ( films): his artistic ( aesthetic) description of the world is reached thanks to many hours of footage and hundreds of photos. His recent photographic work is based on a complex process which foresees a long and introductive research of elements that are interconnected, put together and hence shot so as to give life to iconographies that have been greatly made official. Still life is used to go over the pictorial tradition of still life by means of images that are on the threshold between fact and fiction.

Opening: Giovedì 23 Settembre dalle 18 alle 21
Apertura al pubblico: dal 24 settembre al 16 ottobre- Martedì-Sabato 11-18, solo su appuntamento Info e prenotazioni: | +39 0648903612
Luogo: EDDart | Palazzo Taverna, Via di Monte Giordano 36, 00186 | Roma