Alighiero & Boetti E Frédéric Brouly Bouabré

Data: 16 Marzo 2023 dalle 18.00 alle 21.00
Luogo: EDDart | Palazzo Taverna, Via di Monte Giordano 36, 00186 | Roma
Ingresso: dal 17 Marzo al 29 Aprile 2023
Orario: Martedì – Sabato 14.30-18.30 oppure su appuntamento

EDDart presents, from March 16th to April 29th, “Cover,” an exhibition dedicated to the work of Alighiero Boetti and Frederic Bruly Bouabré, together for the first time in Rome.
The story of the friendship between Alighiero Boetti and Frederic Bruly Bouabré is still relatively unknown, despite the fame of both protagonists. Above all, it has the power to shed light on the work of both artists through the perspective each dedicated to the other.

As key figures in the curatorial juxtaposition during the legendary exhibition “Magiciens de la Terre,” which effectively opened the doors of the most institutional Parisian museums to artists representing “other” cultures in 1989, Boetti and Bruly Bouabré went beyond this initial encounter.

What brought them together was a passion for alphabets, numerical and letter systems, and the desire to invent their own, unique system capable of revealing the mysteries of the world.

Over the years, they embarked on several journeys, meticulously reconstructed by Massimo Mininni in the forthcoming catalog text, until the major exhibition at DIA, New York, “World Envisioned,” which was inaugurated a few months after Boetti’s death.

In the exhibition at EDDart, various tapestries by Boetti, including the one created with the name of Bruly Bouabré in 1993, engage in dialogue with the extraordinary “stories” of the Ivorian artist, including “Alphabet bété,” “Mithologie Bété – La legende de Gli Yekremadigbi,” and, of course, the”Hommage à non ami Boetti” (Homage to Non-Friend Boetti).


Titolo: Cover, Alighiero & Boetti e Frederic Bruly Bouabrè
Opening: Giovedi 16 Marzo 2023, dalle ore 18.00 alle 21.00
Apertura al pubblico: dal 17 Marzo al 29 Aprile 2023
Dal martedì al sabato, ore 14.30 – 18.30 oppure su appuntamento
Info e prenotazioni: | +39 0648903612
Luogo: EDDart | Palazzo Taverna, Via di Monte Giordano 36, 00186| Roma