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Tano Festa

(Rome, 1938 – Rome, 1988)

Was an Italian painter. With Franco Angeli and Mario Schifano, he was one of the leading figures of the School of Piazza del Popolo. He organised his first personal exhibition at the famous La Salita gallery in Rome at the age of 23. His beginnings, first marked by his interest in Surrealism, are characterized by a zeroing of painting through monochrome. Since 1962, his works have been characterized by doors, windows, shutters, wardrobes, de-built and rebuilt by s carpenter following the artist’s suggestion. In 1964, Tnato Festa participated in the XXXII Venice Biennale, exhibiting “La creazione dell’uomo” (“The creation of man”), the result of his research on the most significant works of the Italian artistic past. In particular, Tanto Festa was interested in Michelangelo’s frescoes and sculptures: privileged subjects for his personal interpretation of Pop Art. In 1967 he wrote: “we live in a country where, instead of consuming canned food, we consume the image of the Mona Lisa on chocolates.” In fact, he called itself popular, not pop. In the Seventies, he has always dedicated his works on the reworking of elements of art history, even if the portrait has always had a privileged place in his painting.


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