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Franco Angeli

(Rome, 1935 – Rome, 1988)

Was an Italian artist. He started his career in the Roman city center in the mid-50s in an artistic atmosphere of strong vivacity, with friends Tano Festa and Mario Schifano, from the School of Piazza del Popolo.
Interested in the experimentation of Informal Art, already in 1958, he began a reflection on the monochromes he created through the use of canvas covered with pulled, torn nylon. Since his first solo exhibition at the Galleria La Salita, Franco Angeli has been passionately interested, throughout the decade, in the political climate with a consequent influence in his work: his painting and works on paper were marked by parades, student protests and mostly the very personal reworking of political symbols. In particular, a reflection on power and visual rhetoric inspired him in creating a very personal and revelatory mythology. A new attention to a more intimate, familiar sphere, with a renewed attention to the landscape and to the figure, only emerged at the end of the Seventies.


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